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Stig Brøgger - NOW HERE (UK)

Stig Brøgger - NOW HERE (UK)

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Stig Brøgger’s artistic endeavours from the 1960s to the present day encompass virtually all artistic media – from photography to painting, installa-tion art, film, artists’ books, sculptures and public art projects.

For more than six decades, Stig Brøgger (b. 1941) has been an important figure on the Danish art scene. At a very early stage of his career, he took part in experimental exhibitions showcasing young Danish art, contributing to the develop-ment of new trends such as Land art and Conceptual art on the international scene.

Brøgger’s works can be seen as artistic reflections on new departures within culture, art history, media technology, philosophy and science. In his artistic practice, as well as in his capacity as a writer, editor, exhibition organiser and professor at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Brøgger has always sought to expand the scope of what an artist can do,thereby paving the way for and inspiring subsequent generations of Danish artists.

Featuring lavishly illustrated articles by Mikkel Bogh, Anne Ring Petersen, Tania Ørum, Charlotte Præstegaard, Jean-François Lyotard and the artist himself, Stig Brøgger – NOW HERE offers the first full survey of Brøgger’s extensive body of work.

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